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The TremFusion Team

Core Development Team

Amanieu d'Antras

Programmer: Game and engine programming

Eli Ribble "Ender"

Programmer: Bots, Xreal renderer porting

John Black "Champion"

Programmer: Bots, Python scripting, Wii port

Maurice Doison "Azreal07"

Programmer: Lua scripting, Game scripting engine

Thomas Brethome "Madtree"

Programmer: Code optimisations, Renderer enhancements

Griffon Bowman

Programmer: NCurses Console, IRIX port

Pierre Fersing "PierreF"

Server Administration, Hosting

Corentin Wallez "Kangounator"

UI Designer

Jonathan Itschner "Chessguy"

2D Artist

Mike Birch "Vortexx"

Music, Voice

External Contributors

We thank the many people who have contributed to this project to make it what it is today:

We would like to thank the Tremulous development team for creating a great game:

We would also like to thank the ioquake3 maintainers for their great engine: